Herndon Law, P.C. will be honoring Veterans and active duty service members the entire month of November.

Jason Randall United States Army

Jacob Green United States Navy

Mike Steward United States Air Force

Victoria Walker United States Navy

Harold Dee Fleck United States Air Force

MSgt Harold Ambrose Fleck, US Army Air Cor, taken during World War II.

Robert Dunn, World War ll Army Veteran

Ralph G. “Bud” Tyler, First Lieutenant, United States Navy

Ed Dunn is a retired Navy Veteran.

Sarah Maddox is an Army Veteran and an Accredited Veteran Service Officer

David L Cadora Sr retired from the US Navy after serving 33 years. He retired as a Quartermaster First Class E6 and took great pride in our country and his service to it. He served aboard the U.S.S. Helena during the Korean War. He is being honored by his daughters and grandchildren.

Shinta Stanley served in the US Navy for 26years.

Carl “CJ” Almarode Jr. US Naval Corpsman & USMC

William Brown, PFC, U.S. Army Korean War Veteran

John Magee graduated from college in April of 2021 and left for Air Force Basic Training in November of 2021.

Van Shepherd; “Hook, served in the US Army, and is a Vietnam Veteran.

Nick Reed, retired Air Force Crew Chief

Lester L. Dukes; Army Veteran, served in World War ll.

Col. Martin T. Kallighan is a Vietnam Veteran, and served in the US Air Force for over 30 years.

Airman Brian C. Malsch joined the Air Force in August 2021. Airman Malsch will graduate Security Forces Tech School in January 2022 and serve our country in Japan for the next 3 years. He is being recognized by his mom, Stephanie.

Stanley Isaac, US Navy. Isaac is being honored by his family.

Gunnery Sergeant Charles E. Burcham served in the US Marine Corps for 20 years.

Oscar Lee Hill served in the United States Air Force. He is being honored by his wife and favorite grandson.

John Arthur Zinn Sr. Private served in the US Army 58th Spruce Squadron in Montesano, Washington, during World War I.  Zinn is being honored by his grandson.    

Ryland Carter Morehead served in the United States Navy and is a Korean War Veteran. He is being honored by his grandson.

CMSgt. John L. Hughes Jr. retired after serving 32 years in the United States Air Force. Hughes served as a Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Technician for the USAF, AFRC, and the ANG.

Robert P. Harris served in the United States Air Force during WWII. He is being honored by his daughters, and grand-daughters this Veteran’s Day.

Sergeant E-5 USMC Sean M. Feely served our country from 2001-2005.
MOS-Infantry 0352 T.O.W. Gunner
1st Battalion 3rd Marines 3rd Marine Division
Battle of Fallujah Veteran

Jonathan “Johnnie” Walker is a retired Air Force MSgt.  After serving in the Air Force for 23 years he retired and now works at the VA McGuire Veterans Hospital in Richmond, VA.  Like so many other Veterans, Jonathan faces many challenges on a daily basis related to his health and disabilities from his time in…