Preserve and protect yours or your loved ones’ assets through Medicaid eligibility, veteran benefits, and help with assisted living.  Often times, when a family member has been diagnosed with a serious illness or has a noticeable trouble with their daily tasks, the time comes to discuss protecting their new way of life—and their value. Long term care planning is the preservation and protection of you or a loved one’s assets. Although older clients commonly discuss these plans, we strongly urge young people to plan for their future, too.

Medicaid Eligibility Planning

Think you don’t qualify for Medicaid? Think again. More people qualify than they think. Medicaid planning can be tricky, the rules often vary depending on the year and region, and the application process can be long and confusing. We can help you discover and go over Medicaid options, whether it’s looking into receiving benefits now or down the road. We can also help people already in senior living communities or nursing homes look into receiving Medicaid.

Care Plan Agreements

Getting old is hard. Getting older without help is even harder. In some cases, a family member or adult child takes responsibility for giving care to someone that can no longer live without help. This may include a family member having to give up their job and benefits. A care plan agreement ensures both parties are taken care of, that elders in your life having assistance with daily tasks, and that you can be compensated for it.

Veterans Benefits

If you are a veteran and meet the requirements, you may qualify for Aid and Attendance, an increase to your monthly veteran’s pension, and we can help you get there. This extra income can help pay for assisted living, or an aid if you have someone taking care of you.

Assisted Living Planning

We want to help you stay in your house for as long as you can. However, when it becomes necessary to move to an assisted living facility, we’re there to make sure the process goes smoothly and that the money is there to allow you or your family member to live comfortably.