A part of long-term care planning can include finding the right nursing home facility for yourself or your loved one. When you are searching for the right nursing home, you may find yourself sifting through piles of paperwork, and in that mountain of documents can be an arbitration agreement.

If you need a lot of cash on hand upon retirement, Social Security offers a lump-sum payment option that’s worth six months of retroactive benefits. However, it comes at a cost. It is important to understand the details before agreeing to the payment.

In recent months, phone lines at the Social Security Administration have been experiencing major technical problems, preventing some people from enrolling in Medicare in a timely manner. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused nursing home staffing shortages across the United States, even forcing some nursing homes to close, but some states have been hit harder than others. A new analysis looks at which states are confronting the worst staffing problems. 

In an alarming number of cases, private Medicare Advantage plans are denying coverage for medical services that would be covered under original Medicare, according to a federal investigation.  

If you apply for long-term care assistance through Medicaid and your application is denied, the situation may seem hopeless. The good news is that you can appeal the decision. 

Leaving a nursing home to return home is a goal for many residents and their families, but it requires careful consideration. While returning home is a good move for some, it won’t work for everyone.

If you are about to turn 70,and have delayed claiming Social Security retirement benefits up till now, you are joining an elite group, but it’s important to know when and how to claim.

When a married couple applies for Medicaid, the Medicaid agency must analyze the couple’s income and assets as of a particular date to determine eligibility. This “snapshot” date can have a major impact on a couple’s financial future. 

The Biden administration has announced far-reaching nursing home reforms, targeting staffing and accountability at facilities with deficient care. Advocates are calling the proposals, which include the first-ever federal minimum staffing levels, the most significant reforms in decades. 

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